The Breakthrough

The terms come and go: Digital Transformation! New Work! New Normal! In the end, it always comes down to the same question: How do we succeed in building true high-performance teams?

Of all things, the lockdown has shown what the breakthrough solution can be: the tools of Microsoft 365. How does that actually work? It can be learned quite systematically!

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High Performance

Do you want to take your teams’ performance to the next level?

Have you already tried many things?
Introduced new and proven methods or tools?
But the big performance leaps are still missing?

Do you want to find your starting point for a breakthrough?

Microsoft 365

You have already implemented Microsoft 365?

Some apps like MS Teams are used, but most are hardly used? Employees are overwhelmed by the wealth of options?

Do you want your teams to use the tools that matter? And in such a way that measurable success in business is achieved quickly?

Transformation 365

Are you faced with the question of how to make your teams fit for the digital age?

Are you considering whether Microsoft 365 is worth the investment?

Do you want to find an approach that allows you to get more out of the platform than Word, PowerPoint and Excel supplemented by the video function of MS Teams?

The Difference

As a platform, Microsoft 365 fundamentally changes how teams can collaborate. It is crucial that teams learn to leverage this difference for themselves. Our trainings are consistently focused on this. On measurable business impact. Specifically in your teams. Through deep, sustainable and scalable learning.

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The software is not the solution. What matters is what makes the difference for the business. Our trainings show how to do that. They don’t train the software as software. They show teams how to work differently. And how Microsoft 365 enables them to do so in a way that measurably improves their performance.


High performance teams have their own key to success. And they focus everything on it. Our trainings show how this works. They don’t teach abstract “rules for teams.” They show how teams find the concrete levers that lift their performance to the next level. That’s why our trainings take place exclusively in real teams: because that’s the only way to work on real challenges.


Our training model is as individual as the requirements of high performance teams. Learning takes place in the practice of the teams. We make our content available as supplementary self-learning modules on the Microsoft 365 platform. And thereby enable deep, lasting and scalable learning. With our trainers. And in peer-top-peer exchange with other teams.

The Trainings

Through our trainings, your teams learn how to tailor their teamwork to their business performance. The result is always concrete and practical.

The focus you choose depends on where your teams stand. Our one-on-one trainings are focused on real classics.

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How to find their performance levers! How to flip the switches in team interaction! And how to use the tools of Microsoft 365 to be (even) more successful in the future than is possible today.


Team interaction measures aligned to their performance levers! A selection and initial setup of Microsoft 365 tools that are relevant to your team! And a playbook that your team uses to define what they will do differently in the future.


You want to take a broad approach to the next high performance leap with your team: from clarifying your performance leverage to the set screws in the team to the tools you can use to take your next big steps. This training is often also used to develop in the team where the deep focus should be in a follow-up training!

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You know that effective collaboration is key to your team’s performance. That’s why you want to take team collaboration to a new level. And use the tools of Microsoft 365 to sustainably improve your performance through team interaction.

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You have what high performance teams need: different types and expertise coming together in one team. You want to make sure that everyone is fully engaged and, as a result, take the team’s performance to a new level. Microsoft 365 tools are designed to make that possible and easier for your team.

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Your team’s performance is defined primarily by its productivity. You want to flip the levers that allow you to directly and measurably increase productivity. And use Microsoft 365 tools to remove productivity obstacles in the team’s work.

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The Learning Journey

High performance happens when everything fits together. That’s why, in addition to our individual training sessions, we also offer a complete learning journey. In six stages, your team will go through all of the adjustment screws. In this way, they develop their own approach in full depth to achieve a new level of collaboration and performance with Microsoft 365.

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What makes high performance teams powerful?
How do Microsoft 365 tools help you break through?

What is OUR performance key?
How do we align everything around it?


How does effective collaboration emerge from high-performance teams?
Which Microsoft 365 tools make this
possible and easier?

What takes OUR collaboration to the next level?


How do high-performance teams focus their energy?
How can we leverage the Microsoft 365 platform to do this?

How do we make sure we flip OUR levers for full traction?


In high-performance teams, what makes everyone make the team better?
How can Microsoft 365 tools contribute to that as well?

How do we make sure we unleash the full potential of OUR team?


How do high performance teams get better results?
What Microsoft 365 tools make it easier for them to make better decisions?

What makes OUR team reach a new dimension of quality?


How do high performance teams make continuous learning and change the norm?
How does Microsoft 365 make that much easier and better for them?

How do we make continuous development OUR new normal?

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The Facts

Our high-performance training is also a breakthrough for your return on learning (and the investment made in it). How do we achieve this for you? We have summarized it here at a glance.

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  • Teams (up to 12 participants / training)
  • Each training offering is available specifically for …
    • Microsoft 365 beginners
    • Advanced users
    • Transformations experts


  • Individual training: 2 times 1 day (virtual: 4 half days)
  • Learning journey: 6 days (virtual: 12 half days plus 5 check-ins à 45′)


  • At your remises
  • As a virtual event


  • We also offer all trainings as self trainings with practical exercises for your own Sharepoint.
  • From a minimum booking of 20 training days per year, the Self-Trainings are included in the price!


  • All trainings can be individualized and supplemented with practical deepenings
  • Ideally, we prepare the training courses with your IT department or service provider.
  • We would be happy to show you the exact training process and examples of content and tools in a personal meeting.


  • Individual training (2 days): 3.000 €*
  • Complete learning journey (6 days plus 5 check-ins): 8.000 €**
  • Daily rate: 1.500 €***
  • * = 300 € / participant with 10 participants
    ** = 800 € / participant with 10 participants
    *** for additional training or design days

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The Feedbacks

Our trainings are different. And better! It goes without saying that we say that. That’s why we let our customers speak for us here.

A few examples »

Working with the b4b team is practical, inspiring and, above all, value-adding.

In the Build Agility Training, we learned important tools for our everyday life and, above all, how to apply them – experiencing the transformation successes in practice is motivating and, above all, fun. We were able to experience this in presence and digitally – the results were always very good.

Annika Berchtold. Head of Transformation. HDI Group

With the help of the b4b trainings, we have found an immediate access to how we can further develop the work in our company in such a way that teams achieve more together, take responsibility for the implementation of our company goals and enthusiastically want to move our business forward – and that from the very first moment. The trainings bundle the comprehensive experience of b4b in an equally well-founded and flexible approach to accompany transformation processes, which combines the systematic use of everyday experiences, the implementation of new methods and the questioning and further development of one’s own mindset in a very unique way. For all accompanied teams, […] the trainings have created a completely new view and access to tackle challenges directly and solve them sustainably […].

Dr. Daniel Putz. Manager HR Talent and Development, beeline group

With b4b’s build approach, we succeeded in finding our own way into agility. We would not have succeeded without the intensive collaboration with b4b’s team: they inspired us conceptually again and again and had a solution in every situation that helped us move forward.

Dr. Thomas Braune. CEO. NewRe